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              News Video
              News Video
              News Video
              Love in Shanyuan -- 2020 Qingdao Shanyuan electronic Annual Conference
              Release time:2021-08-04
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              Love in Shanyuan

              2020 Qingdao Shanyuan electronics Annual Conference

              Looking back, the achievements are exciting

              Looking forward to the future, the goal urges people to move forward

              Don't forget your original heart when you are young all the way. Welcome 2021 with deep gratitude

              Pursue your dreams and move forward. Forge ahead hand in hand

              The 2020 annual meeting of Qingdao Shanyuan Electronics was held as scheduled on December 31. Families on both sides of Qingdao and Rizhao gathered together, laughing, thanking the past and imagining the future. The warm year-end feast left unforgettable memories for everyone.

              Careful preparation

              Prize preparation, we are serious.

              Every name on the register is a blessing to us.

              Hard work, our beautiful etiquette little sister

              The opening momentum is full, which is destined to be a wonderful Feast today

              "Grateful heart, thank you.". Along the way, I am grateful for the hard work of every family, the support and trust of all partners, the mutual help of leaders and colleagues, and myself who worked hard all the way

              Speech by general manager

              2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. Many enterprises have to face the problems of layoffs, shutdown and even bankruptcy due to the epidemic. I still remember his anxiety when he couldn't start work because there was no order at the beginning of the year. I can't forget that when he first entered the mask industry, he was so busy day and night that he fainted in the workshop

              Now, 2020 is about to pass, and our company has crossed that difficult moment and is moving to a higher level step by step. I believe that under the leadership of general manager Tian of the company, Shanyuan's tomorrow will be more beautiful!

              Thank you for your wonderful program



              Thank all family members for their hard work in the past year. Shanyuan's past is wonderful because of you, and Shanyuan's future needs you to build. In such a special moment, there will be a special honor for you. Please continue to refuel in the next days!

              Today, we hold our glasses high and drink freely

              Tomorrow, we will work hard and continue to fight

              Love in Shanyuan

              Unforgettable tonight, we collect memories and look back affectionately

              Unforgettable tonight, we set sail again with longing

              Looking back on 2020

              We overcame all kinds of difficulties and achieved fruitful results

              Looking forward to 2021

              We shoulder the heavy responsibility, dream and set sail again

              Bid farewell to 2020 and leave for 2021

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